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Thinking Differently About Your
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We’re breaking the mold, when it comes to how Financial Services is delivered to the average person. At PersonalBanker, we’re on a mission to empower Canadians to live more rewarding lives, fueled by a better understanding of finance.

The decision to change your life for the better is admirable, but to achieve it, discipline is required and sacrifices must be made.

You get what you pay for. And in the case of improving your financial life, it couldn’t be more true. When it comes to financial results, what you know or don’t know can have direct and significant impact.

The truth is that most Canadians rely upon “traditional” financial thinking. And as the saying goes, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” That’s why the mission of PersonalBanker is so important. In order to achieve lasting financial change, the old ways that aren’t effective must be sacrificed. We’re not only here to help you make the journey to inter-generational wealth and Financial Significance, we’re committed to helping you arrive there early to enhance your quality of life.

At PersonalBanker, we teach key concepts to our clients as we move through the 5 Stages of Wealth.

Along the way, we shatter some deeply held myths, and introduce new, sound, proven ideas and solutions.

Our clients are members of a family more than clients. We are absolutely dedicated to our clients financial success. For the PersonalBanker team, our desire for you is that you experience Total Wealth – that is the possession of Wealth of Knowledge as well as Financial.

Start Shifting Your Financial Paradigms with
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TAX Management

How Small is your Tax Slice?

For the Average Canadian, 42% of their income is gone to various forms of Taxes. Taxes affect every aspect of our financial lives. Everything from earning, spending, saving or investing money. We are taxed toady, tomorrow and eventually even when wealth is…

DEBT Management

Is Your Debt Working for You?

At PersonalBanker, we view Debt quite differently. For the wealthy, debt can be considered an Asset, just as easily as a home can be considered a Liability. Our goal is to reduce destructive debt. We use strategies that restructure mortgages to make them deductible…


How Many Years Wealthy Are You?

We measure Wealth not by Income or Net Worth but by the positive monthly Cashflow and Asset creation.
Our investment philosophy is not focused on retirement in some distant future, rather it is built on achieving…

RISK Management

Protecting Your Legacy

Our Motto is “Minimize Risk & Taxes and Maximize Growth & Cash Flow.” Managing Risk involves not only protecting yourself from Cashflow Interrupters™ such as death, disability or job loss. It also encompasses protecting your assets from tax…

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