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When our clients inhale our experience & knowledge, they develop highly effective habits of wealth creation. Money and wealth begins to flow. We’ve built a Money Blueprint to help mentor you. Use it, adopt it and put it into practice and begin wealth creation TODAY!

tax management


tax management

PersonalBanker is a Tax-based financial services firm, and here’s why. By far, taxes are the biggest chunk that comes out of Canadians’ paychecks. The average Canadian pays a whopping 42% of their annual income in various forms of taxes!


you are frustrated, upset or just overwhelmed, that’s where we come in. We begin a partnership with you by ensuring that you have the most thorough and effective Tax Strategies working for you

Tax reclaims here

Our clients LOVE our Tax Reclaim Program. Why? We make it easy. We do the work, you sit back and wait for results. We review up to 10 years of past Income Tax filings to reclaim money you didn’t realize you were eligible for.

The government collects more than $30 billion dollars annually from tax payers completely oblivious to the fact they overpaid or were eligible for refunds. We perform the analysis of your individual taxpayer filings, identify any eligible funds you may have missed and we complete amendments and reclaims on your behalf. Give it a go! You never know how much money may be waiting for you!



At Personal Banker, we place a very high priority on simplifying every nuance of your financial life.

From savings and investments, to credit cards and mortgages, real estate, accounting and taxation, long term care to estate planning, we have carefully built a team of experts in each area of finance to serve you better. We all collaborate and work together to reverse engineer your money objectives. Your goals become our mission!


Though Estate Planning has to do with end of life concerns, that involve transfer of assets and property, the fact is NOW is always the best time to begin the process of properly looking after these affairs.

PersonalBanker’s Wealth Management approach looks at Estate planning through a detailed Tax lens. We analyse the unavoidable Tax impact on your loved ones and establish Tax and Estate Friendly strategies to reduce, eliminate, defer or fund the burden of tax liability.

Time to Initiate or Revisit your Estate Plans so You Can Avoid the Burden of Big Taxes on your Loved Ones

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