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We offer credit & debt solutions that are designed with you in mind. We make your money work for you, and not for your creditors. Our cashflow consulting services are considered one of the best in the business, with a combined 70+ years of experience and helping Canadians eliminate debt using the PersonalBanker methods since 1998, we confidently guarantee results. With us, you’re certain to live life even better.

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Our Solutions

We assist clients to increase cashflow and minimize debt.

Cashflow Management

Our cashflow management solutions were created to help families and homeowners reduce their 20+ year mortgages, manage their cashflow and earn extra income from their homes. Through a detailed analysis, we compare what you are currently paying your creditors using their schedule, with an improved schedule created by your Cashflow Consultant.


Credit Repair

Having and maintaining a good credit score is so important. Our Credit Boost - Credit Repair Solution can help you to get your credit back on track. Good credit can open a lot of doors for you and we work with you to start that journey back to a healthier credit score. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure credit success is right around the corner.


Tax Reclaim

Our Tax Reclaim solution is designed with you in mind. We provide a free tax review free of charge to help you assess unclaimed tax refunds as much as 10 years back. We put you in the drivers seat to enhancing and building your wealth.


Do you have a debt freedom plan?

What We Offer

High performance solutions with you in mind.


Our consultants are committed to helping erase your debt. Take a look at our high performance debt elimination solutions and let our PersonalBanker CashFlow Consultants get you closer to finally celebrating your debt freedom!



Our Mortgage Elimination solutions were created to help homeowners reduce their 20+ year mortgages in as little as half the time or less. We compare what you are currently paying your creditors using their schedule, with an improved schedule created by our Consultant.


Credit Boost

In todays society it benefits us to maintain a good or better credit score. To help boost or maintain your credit, PersonalBanker has employed a number of leading credit repair solutions to help you boost and repair your credit score all under one roof.



Our belief is that everyone deserves the opportunity to own, live, build, grow, and raise a family in a home they own. Our mortgage solution providers will help bring you one step closer to making your dreams of home ownership a reality.


Tax Reclaim

PersonalBanker has implemented a unique Tax Reclaim service – a tax service that will allow our clients to re-assess their taxes going back as much as 10 years to see if any deductions were missed and if any tax refunds can be reclaimed.



We know how busy, stressful and choking life can be and the MORE program was designed to give you a little more breathing room every month, without taking on extra hours at work or a new job. Our MORE solution was designed with your relief in mind.


About us

Our consultants have been providing expert cashflow planning, wealth building and consulting services to individuals throughout the country since 1998.


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