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When our clients inhale our experience & knowledge, they develop highly effective habits of wealth creation. Money and wealth begins to flow. We’ve built a Money Blueprint to help mentor you. Use it, adopt it and put it into practice and begin wealth creation TODAY!

Planning is Key

Being prepared for life’s unexpected events is a very important contingency consideration. At PersonalBanker our goal is first to educate our clients on the important financial concepts prior to implementation within their wealth management portfolios.

To safeguard current, short-term, medium and long-term wealth accumulation and growth we implement a full Risk Management program.

Constant Review & Course Corrections

Our Risk management program is monitored and reviewed frequently for changes which can pose a threat to continued movement toward creating assets that yield Cashflow. It can be a great tool for Tax Planning, Creditor Protection or Loss-Proofing your Assets.

Based on our clients’ stage of wealth, our industry specialists analyze existing insurance needs and ensure the follow risk areas are adequately covered.

There’s always Risk. We meet it with Preparation

Here are some of the Cashflow Interrupters and Wealth impacting areas that we protect you against:

Loss of Life

Loss (temporary or permanent) of Health

Loss of Employment or Business

The Client’s Tax Burden



Probate Fees etc

Safeguarding Your
Future Wealth

Additionally, protecting your family’s future is an intricate undertaking that requires careful planning. This must be integral to any our Financial MRI. Our Survivor Needs Analysis and Estate Needs Analysis thoughtfully introduces these important considerations with the goal of securing hard earned income, assets and Cashflow against unforeseen events.

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Power of Attorney

This is another critical component of managing Risk to your wealth and its transfer to loved ones and future generations.

At PersonalBanker, we make certain that our clients have completed the necessary steps to ensure that Power of Attorney designations have been put in place. These contingencies are simple to put in place and pay enormous dividends should they become necessary.

Will Preparation

When was the last time your lawyer, investment and/or tax advisor discussed the structure of your asset to ensure proper execution of your Will; or strategies to avoid probate fees or taxes at death?

Are you taking advantage of structures to defer, minimize, or avoid tax at death legally?

Does your will address family legal issues or take advantage of structures to manage assets for a minor?

Why is a will needed? Understand Provincial succession laws without a will (intestate).

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