What’s the difference between Money & Cashflow?.

Thinking Differently. Money VS

We’re breaking the mold, when it comes to how Financial Services is delivered to the average person. Plan cashflow with PersonalBanker, we’re on a mission to empower Canadians to live more rewarding lives, fueled by a better understanding of finance.

plan cashflow


plan cashflow

The fundamental difference between Money and Cashflow is that Money ends while Cashflow continues.

Our goal at PersonalBanker is simple. Move each of our clients toward a financial position where they have acquired or developed “assets which generate Cashflow” that is then able to completely cover their desired lifestyle.

Money is static, and is acquired by trading time or skill for cash. Cashflow, on the other hand is fluid, constant and continues without the need for input of your time or skill. Money requires your involvement. Creating Cashflow leads to Financial Freedom.

Guiding our clients on the journey from a Money to Cashflow Mindset, requires expertise, time and patience. Our aim, is client empowerment. That’s our gift to you!


If you grew up learning that a degree was for a job to earn MONEY for yourself and your family…

Your focus on Cashflow Interrupters are based on job loss, taxes, insurance coverage in case YOU are disabled or die prematurely and you must SAVE for retirement.

More than likely you will develop a Consumption Mindset around Money for Lifestyle Expenses for today and at retirement… Staying at the Survival or Stability stage of wealth… buying bigger homes, cars and cottages and living in fear and lack of Money.

plan cashflow

The increase debt requires more money leading to more time at work and less time with your family.. However if you shift that mindset to investing disposable income into assets that provide cashflow your behaviour, habits and destiny is a Creation Mindset which ultimately leads you to Financial Freedom which allows you more time for yourself and your family allowing you to live your real Life’s purpose!

Start Shifting Your Financial Paradigms with the PersonalBanker Wealth Blueprint

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