optimize wealth management

The PersonalBanker Difference

For starters, we move you.

Regardless of what stage of life you’re at, or level of success, we’ve found that there is always room for a practical, balanced hunger for “even better.”

Optimize wealth management with PersonalBanker, we strive for better, to go further, to go beyond our last plateau… and to take each of our valued clients with us on this financial journey of discovery and self-actualization.

Optimize Wealth Management With Our Approach to Finance

We seek first to understand, then to teach. To listen always with curiousity, then to engage in a kind of verbal tennis that begins at our first encounter.

The PersonalBanker brand of wealth management focuses on helping our clients acquire and internalize the most effective, proven, yet not-so-widely-used financial approaches to generating cashflow that leads to the ultimate time-freedom.

optimize wealth management

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Solutions

 On average the full TaxReclaim Process generally takes anywhere from 2-7 weeks, though some individual cases may take longer.

We go beyond just providing a service, We want to work with all of our clients to reach a financial balance point, regardless of what stage of wealth you’re currently at.

We identify 5 stages of ones financial well being. Through our wealth checkup process we provide an indicator of where your financial index is today and chart a blueprint to move forward from 1 stage to the next.

Our services are available all across Canada.

For an idea of your earnings calculations, use our Affiliate Campaign Calculator.

 Our fractional home ownership program allows our clients to participate in monthly income from rent collected from our income properties.

The Financial Balance Point is point where income from your assets cover your monthly expenses.

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