Like other important aspects of life, your finances need a regular check-up. Your financial health is very important to keep track of, to prevent any sudden occurrence or financial crisis.

There are also valid channels to get free financial checkups. Most of the time, financial check-ups are done annually, at the beginning of the year, middle of the year, or the end.

It is also advised to do a thorough financial checkup after a major life event such as; after a very expensive financial transaction, marriage, divorce, retirement, and so on.

When conducting a financial assessment, ensure nothing is left out. Every aspect of your finances is important, so ensure every financial checkup is properly done.

Topics to Cover During a Free Financial Checkup

To ensure that nothing is left out during a financial checkup, these are important topics to cover and how our  financial check-up works:

Evaluate Your Financial Goals

Financial goals are your financial plans and target for a particular purpose. For example, you may have a retirement plan, saving up for something, creating a solid emergency fund, and so on.

We check for the progress you have made and make adjustments when required. Once you achieve a goal, you can replace it with another and work towards achieving them.

Review Major Life Changes

If any major changes have taken place since your last financial checkup, you have to evaluate them. Life changes can be buying a new home, having a baby, getting married or divorced, changing jobs.

These life events can cause changes to your finances. It is important to check how much it has affected your finance and how you can readjust them.


We monitor your budget to understand how you handle your income and the extent of your expenses. When doing a financial checkup, we evaluate your budget and revise it when necessary.


Taxes have a great impact on both personal and corporate finances. A financial checkup helps you to cross-check all your tax records and documents.

These provide all the information on tax deductions or credits. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also advises that paycheck checkups should be done by taxpayers.


Doing a free financial checkup helps to ensure you have a reasonable amount of insurance including life insurance, house insurance, and so on. 

Insurance also experiences change over time, this is why it must be evaluated during every financial checkup. You can consider options such as changing insurance providers and also work at saving money.

Credit Report and Score

You can request your credit report from the main credit reporting companies. Once you get a free copy of four credit scores, you can evaluate the report and check for any errors.

Your credit report helps you to understand your financial state, which is important in every financial checkup.

Financial health checkup is very important to prevent negative financial occurrence. Our financial check-up has been designed in a way that every aspect of your finances is properly evaluated. 

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