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The PersonalBanker Financial Checkup helps you understand exactly where you are now, with just a few selections…

How Many Months Wealthy Are You?

Every Canadian has the potential to become their own bank. Unfortunately, most never do. That’s why PersonalBanker has embarked on an ambitious Mission to do more than “sell financial services.” We are also Financial Naturopaths & Coaches.

Here’s a nugget from our financial chest of treasures. How Many Month’s Wealthy Are You? Do you get the question? Does it make sense to you? Have you every heard it before? Intrigued? Check Out the PB ThinkAgain Moments.

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The PersonalBanker Financial Checkup provides you with a categorized breakdown of your key financial indicators, using easy-to-understand metrics, that show your current Stage of Wealth, Financial Vital Signs and Strategic Recommendations to further optimize your wealth.

The PersonalBanker Financial Checkup provides you a categorized breakdown of your report showing three easy-to-understand metrics for your financial Stages of Wealth, Stress Level and Key Vital Indicators Based on the information you provided, here are your Financial Checkup Results.

Key Vital Indicators

Key Vital Indicators

Stress Level

Stage of Wealth

Our Financial Checkup is quick and easy.

It is a simple questionnaire that helps you identify your financial habits and thinking. The results will give you a benchmark and a clear picture of where you are now.

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