Rethinking Retirement & Life Purpose


Rethinking Retirement & Life Purpose

Thinking Differently. Financial Balance Point.


A Point at which your assets provide enough Cashflow to cover your lifestyle. “Assets working for you” so that YOU no longer need to “Work for Money”

Financial Balance Point is a great place to be. So, at PersonalBanker, we celebrate everytime another client reaches this milestone. It’s a significant achievement.
One of PersonalBanker fundamental principles, is the idea that as individuals, we need to focus our attention on Assets that provide consistent, predictable Cashflow. 


Question: Have you ever wondered why is it that some individuals reach Financial Success or Significance early yet others remains at a Financially Insecure or Unstable stage of wealth even at retirement?

Answer: It’s not usually about how much money you invested. Wealth Creation formulas are based on Tax, Time and Total return. At PersonalBanker we don’t reinvent the process… The Science of Money is the same for all wealthy individuals. We help our clients emulate the formulas, models, ownership strategies, thinking and habits of successful people. The question we focus our clients attention to is: “What is important about Money”… The Art of Fulfillment or the feeling they will have once they get there!

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is defined as having the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and CONFIDENCE to make “responsible” financial decisions.

That’s what PersonalBanker’s mission is all about. 

We provide the Knowledge through solutions and strategies which produce the results our clients need. But we go further. We help our clients develop effective habits, which requires the alignment of not only Knowledge (What to do) and the Skills (How to do it) but the Desire (Why or Want to do it) to master Money. A proven Proactive Model for Success, which begins with Self Awareness and Attitude around money then Aptitude. We help our clients navigate their wary to their Financial Balance Point. 
The point of financial freedom. That’s where the fun begins.