Debt Consolidation/Mortgage Refinancing (D.R.E.A.M)

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“Debt is an often overlooked subject that can have a major impact on a client's financial life. Adding this level of service will move you ahead of the pack."
-Investment Executive-May2003

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D.R.E.A.M - Debt Reduction Equity Acceleration Method.

The DREAM Program is used to reduce or eliminatecurrent debt obligations and free up monthly cash flow without the need to followimpossible budgets. Clients can also benefit from lower monthly payments, and still pay off debts faster.

Building the DREAM is dependent on how you distribute your cash flow and nothing else. The system will provide a payment shifting step by step process to reduce or eliminate current debt obligations or liabilities. Such obligations may include and are not limited to: outstanding credit card debt, mortgage, car payments, vacation rental, insurance, tuition and or monthly allocation payments whether personal, business or charitable.

With the DREAM solution you can start planning for a solid financial future. If you’re a homeowner carrying high-interest credit card debt than this is the program for you. DREAM can help you pay off your current mortgage and credit card debt sooner, while accelerating cash flow right away.

We can show you how our DREAM program can roll that debt into a new mortgage so you can save and start building wealth while utilizing the SWIFT solution. DREAM can help you maximize cash flow, reduce taxes, minimize debt and free up cash right away. You can then start planning for a solid financial future while improving your credit score.

With this program, you can dream bigger and brighter than you ever thought possible! That dream home you’ve always wanted? Dream it, own it and pay off the mortgage in as little as half the time of what the banks will tell you.

See how you can achieve financial independence in as little as ½ the time or less! Your PersonalBanker program can be created as soon as you’d like.

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Debt Consolidating (D.R.E.A.M)

“It’s all about the schedule” Debt Elimination is about payment efficiency and having a schedule that works for you and not your creditors.

Your Wealth Potential Analysis shows you two things

1. Your Current Schedule
2. Your Accelerated Schedule using the PersonalBanker D.R.E.A.M Program

Eye Opener...

The in-depth analysis compares what you are presently paying your creditors using their schedule to the vastly improved schedule available to you from PersonalBanker.

Remember all you really owe the creditors is the principal amount. If you follow their schedule, you will pay all their interest.

Our solution, follow a customized intuitive schedule that works for you and you will build wealth and eliminate debt.

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​Frequently Asked Questions

​ Are you a lending company?

​ No! We are strictly a consulting firm with a focus on helping our clients build wealth and eliminate debt.

​Are you in the debt reduction business?

No. That is not what we do. Most debt reduction services affectyour credit in a negative way. In a debt proposal, your credit rating is affected negatively for three years after you make the last payment. You are left with an R7 rating.

How long will the DREAM Solutions process take?

It will take approximately 30-45 days to complete the process once we receive all the required documents from the client. The client will receive constant communication via email or telephone from the PersonalBanker Associate regarding the status of their application.

Is this a form of credit counseling?

No, we are not credit counselors or a credit counseling service. We help people who wish to help themselves.

But isn’t your service about low interest rates?

No, it is about low interest paid. Most people who have a “low rate” Mortgage do not realize that they are paying 65-75% of their monthly payments to interest. Our program focuses on the least amount of interest paid. This enables you to get out of debt quickly and focus on building wealth right away.

Will this affect my credit in a negative way?

No. It will actually improve your credit rating.

How does it work?

There are two types of Optimization Programs; 1. Optimization of Time The S.W.I.F.T. Program is a planned optimization of time that will help you eliminate your debts in the quickest way possible with no allowance for cash flow. It uses a payoff priority method. 2. Optimization of time with a provision to increase your current cash flow. The D.R.E.AM Solution is designed to optimize your time while simultaneously improving your cash flow.

(DREAM Solution ONLY)

Where does the money come from?

The money comes from major banks and trust companies. The funding network is comprised of Broker and Banker networks that provide services nationwide.

Why can’t the bank do this for me?

The bank’s main activity is to make loans and to sell loans. As long as you are a consumer without an active plan, the bank will not give you a clear objective plan on how you can get out of debt sooner and build wealth. Remember: It is your money, your time, and your future.

What happens if rates go up, will I pay more?

While there is no guarantee that rates won’t rise, the PersonalBanker Programs enables you to focus on the important aspect of the debt, the Principal. If rates rise and your debts are smaller, then you will only pay interest on what you owe nothing more. This enables you to have control of your cash flow.

Why include all forms of debt?

When you really think about it, debts are debts, no matter if they are long or short term debts. Short term debt really kills your cash flow. We include all your debts in the analysis so you can see the overall effect of what being debt really costs. We then provide you with the most effective plan to eliminate this debt.

What happens next?

We will review your summary and show you your options. Once you review the analysis, then we can move forward to put you on the road to Debt Freedom and Wealth Building. We want to put more money back into your pocket.....

​We want to put more money, back in your wallet.

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