Client Financing Programs New York

In today’s market, creating state-of-the-art marketing strategies is no longer enough to get more clients. It’s essential to make the purchase process easy for your customers. Offering business finance to clients with limited budgets gives them the ability to get your products on a payment plan.  

To offer client financing for your offerings, you need the help of a dedicated financial agency like One Click Close. At One Click Close, we offer client financing programs in New York and can design flexible solutions that meet your business needs and that of your customers. Continue reading for reasons why you should strongly consider client financing for your offerings. 

Client financing can boost your sales

With client financing, your business will get more sales by giving customers the option to make installment payments that work with their budget on your good and services. You will eliminate the biggest obstacle of closing a sale when you introduce financing options at the start of your sales conversations. Your customers will appreciate the financing program because it gives them more buying power without paying the total price upfront.  

Client financing can improve your average order value

Client financing programs are an effective tool for up-selling customers, which increase your business’s order value. You need to show your customers how your financing programs can help them get the upgrades they need if you want to increase your transaction sizes. The customer will feel more confident buying exactly what they need, which increases your bottom-line revenue.

Client financing can attract & retain loyal customers

Offering client financing is a highly effective way to stand out from your competitors. If a competitor sells the same product with you at the same price, a financing program may convince customers to buy from you. Working with a financial agency like One Click Close ensures you offer financing programs that benefit your customers and your business. Your customers are more likely to return to buy from you again when they have a good experience purchasing from you.

Client financing builds customer relationships

Building customer relationships is key to your bottom line. Client financing allows you to build rapport and trust in addressing customers’ financial issues. Since client financing gives you the opportunities to offer assistance, it extends the relationship into future transactions.

Client financing can improve cash flow

You can boost the cash flow of your business with client financing. While a financial agency can help manages your customer’s payments, you can relax knowing that you’ll always get paid. You’re left with more energy and time to focus on your customers and business’s success.

Partner With One Click Close

Whether you’re looking to meet the need of price-sensitive customers, expand into new markets, or design a retail finance program for a product offering, we can help you with client financing programs that support your business’s growth. Please fill out our 90-second application if you are a coach, entrepreneur, expert, influencer, or course creator in the US to learn more about our services. 



Client Financing Programs New York


Client Financing Programs New York

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