Cashflow Contingency Fund Planning

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Cashflow Interrupters.

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Contingency Fund Planning


Contingency Fund Planning

Cashflow Interuptors are the things which can disrupt our financial situation and our ability to generate wealth

In order to build and safeguard Wealth, Cashflow Interrupters must be taken into account. There are various matters, events, situations that can decrease or even stop Cashflow altogether.

Future proofing your finances as they grow is both practical and necessary. At PersonalBanker, we place high priority on ensuring that all our clients have strategies and procedures in place in the event of potential interrupters.


Here are a few of the most frequent Cashflow Interrupters;

These Cashflow Interuptors, which can happen at any time, are good reasons to focus on generating Cashflow and not focusing exclusively on money.

Contingency Fund Planning
Contingency Fund Planning
Contingency Fund Planning
Contingency Fund Planning

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