Serving Canadians from Coast to Coast

Why PersonalBanker Canada?

Your not-so-typical Financial Firm, with a not-so-typical approach.
We Start with Taxes & focus on creating Cashflow… Cashflow is everything…

The Personal Banker Difference

At Personal Banker we operate on a simple principle – Give our clients more than just another package of financial products. 

There are thousands of Financial Advisors from coast to coast who do that very well. That’s not the Personal Banker way. We’re not looking for people to sell to, we’re on a crusade to help you Generate Cash flow. We earn your trust by finding eligible Tax savings you may have missed and personalizing strategies to reduce and avoid taxes. 

Along the way, we help you learn, cultivate and implement the most successful financial strategies, as you move through our 5 Stages of Wealth. 

There’s a method to the Personal Banker madness. It’s true, we do spend a lot of time and energy working on The Cashflow Mindset with our clients. Helping them see what’s right in front of them, but differently.
With true financial literacy at all time lows, it’s perhaps more important than you realize. Helping you think differently about money and Cash Flow isn’t just a topic. It’s the Personal Banker Cause. 

PersonalBanker Commitment

To Help the Forgotten Middle-Class
We love what we do and it shows. With years of experience in the field, and exposure across the country, we help average Canadians strengthen their Cash Flow with a Tax-based approach that delivers time and again, we know our industry like the back of our hands.
There’s no challenge too big or too small for PersonalBanker. Let us help you achieve financial significance!

PersonalBanker Strategies & Plans

First to Understand, Then to Deliver
Every customer is unique, requiring a unique perspective and tailored solutions for unique situations and goals (short and long term).
That’s why first we seek to understand. Then to work with you to implement a practical, comprehensive plan for your wealth. Whether there are urgent, immediate needs or more nuanced long-term desires, PersonalBanker takes the long view and a Financial Team Approach.

Our growing team of Specialists are on hand to provide one-on-one coaching and Tax-based services. Use our expertise to help you enhance your knowledge of Cashflow and create wealth based money habits.

Our growing team of Specialists are on hand to provide unique Tax-based services through approaches designed to help you enhance your Cashflow knowledge and habits.


At PersonalBanker Canada, we are learn-it-alls! We take our training seriously. We keep up to date on fresh, current and relevant changes so we can serve you better with debt solutions and cashflow planning.

Our Promise to You

We treat each client with dignity and respect. We listen attentively to your needs and goals and customize a solution tailored with you and your family in mind.


The Personal Banker Canada team is deeply committed to help Canadians achieve debt freedom and wealth. It’s that simple!