We believe you have the right to access the equity in your own home, regardless of your current income or health. Home owners can take advantage of the MORE solution to qualify to earn extra income on the reserved equity of your current home.

Homeowners can eliminate traditional mortgage payments and increase spending power and financial security in retirement. *You must be enrolled in the SWIFT solution and/or DREAM Program to qualify for the MORE program.

MORE = Breathing Room

We know how busy, stressful and choking life can be and the MORE program was designed to give you a little more breathing room every month, without taking on extra hours at work or a new job. MORE means Money On Reserved Equity, but with PersonalBanker this solution also means relief.

With the MORE solution added to the SWIFT & DREAM solutions, you have a full suite of interactive software to help you stay on track. Only numbers “In” and instructions “out”. It’s helpful decision making and financial planning tools at its finest.

Get your MORE Income Analysis and see if PersonalBanker is right for you.


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