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We help Canadians find money lost in Taxes… ALMOST EVERY TIME!

You’ll be Changing the Way You Think About Taxes Our Tax Reclaim service works like this: We conduct a robust personalized tax review and analyse previous tax filings [up to 10 years]. Our job is to find you money! Using our proprietary software and tax strategies our Tax Reclaim program delivers a few hundred to many thousands of dollars in entitled tax reclaims to our members in Canada.
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if you could find money you are entitled to! It’s easy. You watch, we do the work! Once we find you the money, only then do we get paid. There is absolutely zero risk to you!


It's Easy!

We file all the necessary amendments. Don’t worry! You DO NOT need to provide us copies of tax returns. Let us do our magic! Once we find your money, you pay us a percentage.


WE Find Money

We may find you hundreds or thousands of dollars in Tax Refunds. All because you didn’t know you were entitled to your claim! Imagine a nice cheque issued to you! How will you spend it? Or will you invest it?

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Did you know that Canadians paid approximately $225B in personal taxes in 2018?


The CRA currently holds uncashed cheques or collectible funds until they are claimed. This is money owed to Canadians due to misfiled taxes or refunds issued that were never recovered. We believe this amounts to a huge loss of money for Canadian tax payers. We find out if Canadians are owed a portion of this money. This is recovered tax money for many Canadian taxpayers. This could be you!


The Canadian Tax Act makes it possible for Canadians to amend their taxes as far back as 10 previous years! Many taxpayers and their accountants are either unaware of this policy or fail to consider this provision to identify and recoup monies from CRA. This could be you! Give it a try!


Through the Tax Reclaim Canada service, PersonalBanker helps taxpayers in Canada reclaim their money! Your tax reclaim cheque could be worth hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars. We will not know until we do the work for you. It’s easy, simply apply! We work. You watch. Our team of experts complete the tax amendment process for you. Imagine finding that extra $1,000 or that $25,000 refund you didn’t know was yours to begin with! What would you do with your found money? Pay Off Debt or Invest it?

It Really is Worth It

Whatever the amount owed to you, it’s well worth your time to find out! Start by filling out the application and let’s find out if you have money owed to you.

Nothing to Lose, Money to Gain!

Over 20,000,000 Canadian taxpayers are eligible to apply for a successful Tax Review. You never know how much funds may be recovered. If you are reading this, you’re lucky because a large percentage of Canada is still unaware that these funds are available due to tax misfiling. Use our Tax Reclaim service to help you access this money. Give it a Try Now! Let’s see how much you find!

very easy to get started

Free Assessment!

Additionally, the
PersonalBanker service is designed to help Canadians effectively reclaim their portion, with no up-front costs.

Registered Tax Specialists

PersonalBanker’s Registered Tax Specialists will thoroughly review all applicable years (up to and including the government-imposed 10-year limit) to identify any missed credits which may have resulted in an additional refund.

Find Out Quickly How Much

You’re Eligible for
The findings of the PersonalBanker Tax Reclaim discovery process is presented to you indicating the amount of funds available. Upon money being discovered, amendments for the appropriate refund(s) are prepared for filing.

Time to Initiate or Revisit your Estate Plans so You Can Avoid the Burden of Big Taxes on your Loved Ones

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