The Behavioural Finance™ Company

Taking Your Financial Life from
Good to Great.

Taxes make the biggest impact on Canadian finances regardless of your income level. So we start right there.

We start with taxes, because
taxes leave first



On average, Canadian Debts and Taxes account for approximately 3/4 of our money. We think that’s way too much.

Understand your Reality

The PersonalBanker Goal is to understand your lifestyle reality and your entire financial picture. Then the real work begins. We begin laying the foundation to optimize your financial life… beginning of course, with Your Taxes.



We start by reducing the impact of Taxes on the money you earn. Next, we focus on decreasing what you owe.

We take an approach to financial planning that begins with a complete individual tax assessment.

Our business is making your financial life as good as it could be.

Using proven financial strategies, which employ behavioural Financial Solutions.

ReCLAIM the past 10 years
Shelter your assets from taxes
Start paying less taxes

Financial Health that begins with a thorough tax analysis initiates a very comprehensive view into a clients’ financial life.

It includes their income, expenses, assets, outlook, as well as habits. All these are essential components of delivering effective, long-term, broadly based, financial solutions.



The PersonalBanker RECOVER Process utilizes our proprietary Tax ReCLAIM Solution to unlock tax refunds you missed over the past 10 years.

More than $30,000,000,000 (Billion) of eligible refunds have gone unclaimed in the last 10 years. Just think of what you can do with that money.

So PersonalBanker conducts a deep, individualized analysis of your 10 year filing history, identifies the refunds you missed and delivers it to you. It’s a great way to start a long-term relationship.



After we have completed the Tax ReCLAIM of your last 10 years. We’re ready to move forward ensuring that you minimize tax payments every year, from now on.

It’s not what you EARN. It’s what you KEEP! Our team of trained specialists begin working with you to Reduce your annual Tax load, debts and other typical financial peripheral items.

You’re on your way to a leaner, healthier, financial you.



At PersonalBanker we take the long-view. Positioning you to win on the back-nine, is the most rewarding part of our three-part Tax Solution continuum.

And why is that? It’s All About Your Legacy.

Planning to effectively handle taxes tomorrow, is what enables your Wealth Accumulation to move from your hands, through the next generation, to future branches of your family tree.

The Power of Behavioural Finance™

be·hav·iour·al : relating to patterns of observable, specific,
individual activity

fi·nance : the management of money matters

. Your beliefs become your thoughts , Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions , Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values , Your values become your destiny .
Mahatama Ghandhi

Because we’re a Behavioral Finance™ Company, we incorporate into our Wealth Management approach, a very strong focus on helping our members learn and implement into their lives, the habits of highly effective financial planning.

We Base Our Success not only on Your Net Worth, Cashflow and Asset Volume, but also on the degree to which PersonalBanker positively impacts Your Financial Awareness & IQ.

Start Shifting Your Financial Paradigms with
the PersonalBanker Wealth Blueprint

TAX Management

How Small is your Tax Slice?

For the Average Canadian, 42% of their income is gone to various forms of Taxes. Taxes affect every aspect of our financial lives. Everything from earning, spending, saving or investing money. We are taxed toady, tomorrow and eventually even when wealth is…

DEBT Management

Is Your Debt Working for You?

At PersonalBanker, we view Debt quite differently. For the wealthy, debt can be considered an Asset, just as easily as a home can be considered a Liability. Our goal is to reduce destructive debt. We use strategies that restructure mortgages to make them deductible…


How Many Years Wealthy Are You?

We measure Wealth not by Income or Net Worth but by the positive monthly Cashflow and Asset creation.
Our investment philosophy is not focused on retirement in some distant future, rather it is built on achieving…

RISK Management

Protecting Your Legacy

Our Motto is “Minimize Risk & Taxes and Maximize Growth & Cash Flow.” Managing Risk involves not only protecting yourself from Cashflow Interrupters™ such as death, disability or job loss. It also encompasses protecting your assets from tax…

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